Favorite Drink The Martini? We Can Help
May 2012 07

The Martini, an American invention. One of the best-known mixed alcohol drinks in the world. Simple, yet elegant – Gin, Vermouth, garnished with a olive or lemon twist and traditionally served in the iconic martini glass.


Whether it’s dirty, dry, wet, shaken or stirred, if it’s your favorite drink, you’ll love this Martini Bar Sink. This is a stainless steel sink, it’s designed to be under mount and is shaped in the recognizable silhouette of the familiar martini glass – this is Peacock.

Taking the concept one step further is easy, as shown in the image above with the ‘olive’ counter top setting for the sink. You don’t have to dress your counter top in this fashion, most important is creating a comfortable setting for you and your guests – so drink up! Simply mix your favorite cocktail, add martini glasses, olives, scintillating conversation and voila your party has already started.

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