Create Your Own “Miracle On Ice” With Super Chexx Bubble Hockey
Mar 2013 21

Anyone that has ever played ‘Bubble Hockey’ knows exactly how addicting it is. I can remember being a kid spending hours upon hours playing these things. Now that very same game you played in the arcade is available to you, DO NOT accept a cheap imitation, the ICE Super Chexx Bubble Hockey table is the original.

Miracle On Ice

Miracle On Ice = Peacock

When you buy a Super Chexx all of it’s internal parts are made of high grade materials so it’s very durable, there’s a ton of cheap knock off’s out there which simply cannot hold up due to the constant abuse these games must withstand. This is the same model that can be found in many entertainment centers, arcades, bars, restaurants, pubs, bowling alleys, ice rinks, pool halls, and even homes worldwide. So you know it’s respected and tough – this represents Bubble Hockey the way it was meant to be. Is it Peacock? Definitely.

In all, the game has been sold in more than 52 different countries worldwide. The table measures 54 by 60 by 30 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 185 pounds. Visit this site to get your own Super Chexx Bubble Hockey.

The original 1980 “Miracle on Ice”

Super Chexx Bubble Hockey