The Revolution SVR Ping-Pong Table, Forest Gump Approved
Dec 2010 28

Ping-pong, or table tennis some call it, is a classic game I played as a kid that would entertain us for hours. It provided exercise while simultaneously testing your hand to eye coordination. Sure, modern home game systems are amazing, they have advanced graphics and they offer a variety of different games, but the fact is, there’s no replacing the real thing. Introducing the Revolution SVR, a premium state of the art ping-pong table.

Forest Gump Peacockin' Ping Pong

Forest Gump Peacockin’ Ping Pong

These days ping pong balls seem to be used for everything but ping-pong. Sadly, ping-pong is a highly addictive game that has been forgotten by many of today’s gamers….now you can rekindle the past with an updated version of this classic game. Back in the day we Peacock’d our free time with a table made of cheap particle board, which was vastly inferior to today’s technology. The Revolution SVR is a premium state of the art ping-pong table. It was specifically developed with professional competitions in mind, and has been used exclusively in the Killerspin Extreme and Spinvitational Tournaments.

Its two piece table top construction makes set up a breeze, and the unique cutting edge base with its durable metal arched structure, was designed not only for its good looks, but for the superior stability it provides. Look, I’m not saying you’re the next Forest Gump and you’ll be on the All-America Ping Pong Team, but wouldn’t it be nice to try? Visit this site to get your own top of the line competition Revolution SVR Ping-Pong Table.

Forest Gump

Killerspin Extreme