Jesus Did It, Now You Can Too. Walk On Water With The WaterMat
May 2013 31

It’s summer and you’ll be sippin’ champagne and Peacocking like there’s no tomorrow, wherever there’s a pool or beach you’ll especially want to party bigger and better than the rest. Take it up a notch and try the WaterMat, made from high-flotation closed cell foam, it makes everything on the water better.

Walk, run, jump, slip and slide, lay back, barbeque, do whatever you want, this mat is capable of supporting up to 3,600 pounds of friends, depending on length. No worries about damaging it either, there’s nothing to puncture or maintain, just rinse when finished and roll it up for storage – simple, yes. Available in various sizes from 18′ to 60′ in length. Visit this site to get your own WaterMat.
Start Peacocking your WaterMat today priced at $500 to $3,500