Is It A Flat Panel TV Or A Panoramic Wall Aquarium?
Apr 2014 08

Wall Mounted Aquariums are a classy way to Peacock anyone’s pad. Research shows that aquariums provide an ‘escape’ and are effective in reducing stress by inducing a hypnotic effect on the viewer. So decrease your stress and elevate your DHV by replacing your traditional fish tank. Now, like a fine piece of artwork you can place your favorite collection of fish front and center while your guests marvel at your chic flat panel fish tank. In actuality this is a living, breathing, functional, yet beautiful living space for your pet sea monkey or even Aquaman.

Wall Mounted Fish Tank

Peacock your fish tank

Available in two sizes; widescreen (panoramic) or standard if you have limited space. Maintenance is so low that you no longer have to feed your fish daily (as if owning fish weren’t low maintenance enough). That’s right, you can control the water temperature, lights, air pump & filtration, & the feeding cycle. So, your only responsibility is to fill the food container & voilà – your tropical fish will be fed without having to take any lids or covers off so if you go away on a trip Nemo & Dory will be just fine while you’re gone. Visit this site to see more Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquariums.

Start Peacocking your Wall Mounted Aquarium priced $20 to $1,300