Live Longer With An Aquarium Coffee Table
Nov 2013 07

Having an aquarium is a great way to reduce stress and live longer by giving us an ‘escape’ from the monotony of our daily routines. It is believed that the random movements of fish have a similar affect as hypnosis on the human brain. This may all be true, no doubt….but what if you could integrate your aquarium into your furniture. It’s a novel idea that seems to be gaining acceptance. A Fish Tank Coffee Table may be the next level of untapped home décor.

Fish Tank Coffee Table Puffer

Your new coffee table friend

This is the glass-topped coffee table that contains an aquarium, the ultimate conversation piece for any Peacock’d pad. Its acrylic sides provide clear viewing of the interior, while the removable tabletop of 1/4″-thick beveled tempered glass is large and sturdy enough to accommodate a sculpture and hardcover books.

The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base; lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel. Comes with two-stage submersible filter pump and decorative plants. For freshwater fish; gap under top allows for feeding. Visit this site to get your very own Fish Tank Coffee Table.