HEAT things up with a Wall Mounted Fireplace
Jan 2014 23

The temps are dropping and what are you going to do? Add more layers? Wear the gloves Granny knitted you in elementary school? Break out the Snuggie your X bought you? Instead, simply add a Wall Mounted Fireplace, it’s an effective way to keep warm this winter and still elevate your living your space. Unique in every way, I have yet to see a more modern take on such an old idea: the Fireplace. Here’s why…

Snuggie’s are NOT Peacock approved

They’re compact, so they fit into any Peacocks pad. They’re sleek, which adds a touch of style. Finally, they’re functional, meaning they keep you warm, especially for those rooms in the house that always seem to be a bit cold. See I told you you’d like it.

Additional features: Heat on and off modes so you can always have it on display just to create the right ambiance. It even comes with a remote control so you can stay warm from anywhere. Some models have shells and pebbles you can arrange so you can add that personal touch. Not to be confused with a flat panel TV their slim design makes them perfect for any application.

Visit this site to buy your next Wall Mounted Fireplace.

Start Peacocking your Fireplace today priced from $130 to $1,500