Massive Modern Wall Art By Jon Allen
Nov 2013 13

Jon Allen creates astounding metal wall art, which is a perfect match for modern home decorating. His unique style and keen eye for design make every piece a magnet for onlookers, this is Peacocking 101. We’ve added two of his designs to enhance our Peacock Pad, and the results are epic.

Each art piece is very detail oriented and labor intensive to get just the right reflections for each design. Using copper, stainless, brass, and aluminum mediums to complete his unique designs. Always popular is the look of the natural metal which is sometimes mixed with colored pieces. This color variety gives you the flexibility to choose a piece that fits your decor more precisely, which will only elevate the vibe of your Peacock’d Pad.

Jon Allen’s work has been shipped all over the USA and to other parts of the world and is now available to you, so take advantage. All of his pieces are numbered limited series; typically they are created in a series of 50-150 pieces, so rest assured 20 other people won’t have the same piece. This wall art is a great focal point that compliments any retro modern, abstract or contemporary decor and is sure to grab attention and impress all fellow Peacocks. Visit this site to see more Contemporary Art.

Start Peacocking today with Massive Wall Art priced $150 to $325