The Peacock Modern Interior Décor Guide
Oct 2011 04

If your home décor resembles something that was decorated in the 90′s then it may be time for an upgrade. This article covers some modern decor ideas to transform your bedroom, office, home theater, kitchen or entire house into a contemporary landscape that any Peacock would be proud of.

Expand your mind and exceed your expectations, the pillows, lamps, couches, and beds I’ve selected are merely a catalyst to get the ball rolling and give you some ideas about elevate your living space into a comfortable modern abode. Your living area is like your clothing, it represents who you are and what you’re about – it’s part of your identity, so choose wisely. Just like your clothing don’t be afraid to try and look like somebody, instead of trying to look like everybody else – this applies to your home décor as well. Select items that are functional, beautiful, and unique – yet convey your personality. After all, your home is an extension of you.

Firstly, one of the major features to decorating your home is the furniture you choose. For example, I prefer big (deep pocket) couches that have enough space for two people to lie down on. This is especially handy for when you have that special someone staying over – this ‘retro modern’ look is consistent throughout my space. The chairs, sofas, and tables should have the same theme throughout.

Lighting – As I always say, tasteful lighting can make or break any living space. Remove any fluorescent lighting which offers no warmth or flexibility. Incandescent bulbs are being phased out, they’re inefficient and their lifespan is very limited. LED Lighting Kits are a major upgrade, they are versatile and dynamic enough to fill most lighting requirements.

Pillows – Big, cushy, soft pillows are a nice compliment to that modern couch that will only help draw in that guest but also help accent the other décor throughout the room. Same goes for a stylish blanket that can also enhance and add character to the overall scheme.

Beds – A bed should definitely have an inviting feel to it, after all, you spend one third of your life on it. It’s also the focal point of the bedroom so this is something that you shouldn’t skimp out on.

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