Vespa: Timeless Urban Navigation
May 2014 03

The Vespa Scooter, launched in Italy in 1946 the scooter line has been featured in countless films throughout history. The iconic scooter is as much part of Italian culture as the world renowned Coliseum…

Peacock your Vespa

Peacock Your Vespa Style

Vespa Scooter’s offer a dynamic way to Peacock through your city in style. Like most things Italian they’re not just about function, but also form. The painted, pressed steel unibody which combines a complete cowling for the engine, a flat floorboard, and a prominent front fairing design are its trademarks which are recognized throughout the world. The simple advantage of owning a Vespa is not only its ability to quickly maneuver through city gridlock and make parking a breeze – but to do it in timeless classic style that cannot be matched by typical modern transportation.

In most regions a Vespa may not be a practical primary vehicle, no heat, A/C, radio, or trunk, will certainty discourage many, but when the weather breaks the freedom one gets Peacockin’ through town is priceless – if you can afford one (prices starting around $3,000). Be careful to steer clear of any cheap knock-offs, the build quality and engineering is inferior to the original. Some Vespa’s can go up to 80 mph, so a quick burst onto a highway is not totally out of the question. To learn more visit VespaUSA.

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