From A Whales Vagina, Pearl Jam Was Born
Dec 2010 31

The history of Pearl Jam: So there was once a band from Seattle that was struggling to find a lead singer. At the time, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were jamming a bit here and there and passed on a 5 song demo to former RHCP drummer, Jack Irons, to distribute to people he felt worthy. Well, he passed this on to his buddy in Whales Vagina (formerly known as San Diego) and he made the cut. His name is Eddie Vedder.

Eddie went surfing to meditate and transform those songs into a ground breaking eruption of energy in what helped bring the “grunge” era to the surface. Those three songs just happen to be Alive, Footsteps, and Once. See what an hour of surfing can do for the mind, body, and soul?

Eddie’s unique vocals have had many imitators, but none have prevailed i.e CREED. Not only does he have the best set of lungs in the biz, he is a true to life artist and poet. He wrote the soundtrack for the movie Into The Wild. Eddie is a huge fan of the environment, as are we, and he contributes a majority of his revenue to various causes such as Hurricane Katrina.

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Check out the video of “Black” (Ahhh-Mazing).