The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard Of…
Dec 2010 31

Good Old War (GOW) is a 3 piece band that is from my hometown, Langhorne, PA that had 2 members of the band formerly known as Days Away. We have seen them play a couple of small bars, to the North Star Bar in Philly, all the way up to their last show at the TLA on South Street.

They keep getting bigger and with the release of their second album, they have gotten better.

A few things that we really dig about GOW. 1. They’re from Philly (yes!). 2. They only have 3 peeps. 3. They bring singing to the forefront. They have a couple of songs that have no instruments, some with only an acoustic guitar, but they have the harmonies hitting on all cylinders to take you away. Not too many bands can do this.

They are also the back up band for Anthony Green, Lead Singer for Circa Survive, when he does his solo tour. If you haven’t heard of them, you will. If you haven’t listened to them, you will. Both albums you can play front to back at any party you are hosting…the only feedback you will get is “can i borrow this album!”

With only 2 albums out right now, their entire catalog is easy to add to your collection. Visit this site see more of their Good Old War.

  • DonDraper

    great band