Your Cold Weather Survival Kit
Nov 2012 14

Climbing a mountain is no joke and it’s even more difficult with frostbite, so make sure you pack what you need so you can Peacock your way to the top. I have found some of the best mountaineering tools and products to keep you warm, dry, safe, and hopefully alive. This section is not for not for the faint of heart or 9 to 5ers. If you enjoy snow up to your ears then read on…

Some of the better things in life come from 20 degrees below and that is why I have prepared the EVP Survival Kit to make sure you can climb that frozen waterfall, hike that mountain with wind chills of 40 below, snowboard when only a few people dare to hike the peak, cross country ski through the Wasatch Mountains while your friends are hibernating. See my picks below.

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