Go Bold With Room 101 Jewelry
May 2014 05

Room 101 Jewelry is not for everyone…it is known for unbelievably bold, chunky and detailed Rock n’ Roll jewelry made from sterling silver, 22 karat gold, platinum, black & blue diamonds, and black rhodium. It’s the brainchild of ex-Marine and jewelry designer extraordinaire Matt Booth which stems from his trips to the Far East.

His designs are particularly influenced by the cultures in Asia and the Middle East that feature progressively edgy creations that few jewelers can replicate. Featuring jewelry, accessories, leather, wallet chains, and apparel line Room 101 is quickly gaining status among the elite luxury symbols that will truly Peacock your collection.

At this time, Room 101 is offered in numerous premier boutiques worldwide or through their Hollywood showroom which is available by appointment only. Recently, Matt has made a segment of his jewelry line available at Nordstrom to satiate the growing demand.

Visit this site to see more Room 101 Jewelry and the Room 101 ‘Executive Collection.’
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