Increase Your Speed With The Pagani Zonda F
Jan 2011 04

The extraordinary exotic car manufacturer Pagini is the new kid on the block when compared to its counterparts (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc.). The exclusive supercar industry caters to a discerning clientele so Pagani’s success is a clear indication of their design prowess. The Zonda F by Pagani is no exception either, it’s deathly fast, uniquely styled, and the design and engineering is done on an obsessive level; everything you’d want from a modern supercar.

Pagani Zonda F

Pagani Zonda F

Horacio Pagani is the superstar in the colorful supercar manufacturing field. As a young boy he enjoyed designing cars out of balsa wood, knowing full well that one day he would design his own supercar. At the age of 20, he designed and built an F3 race car. Eventually, he worked his way up to become the chief engineer at Lamborghini and built the famed Countach concept. He’s now the creator of the masterful Zonda F, and he has truly Peacock’d his name into the history books.

Made of exotic materials like titanium, magnesium, carbon fiber, and hydroformed aluminum this is a car created for someone who owns one of everything. For $692,000 you get a 7.3 liter AMG V12 that produces 602 hp. 0 to 60 times are done in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 215 mph. All this from a car that weighs only 2,712 pounds – by comparison a Corvette weighs in at 3,208 pounds. This is a unique combination of power to weight ratio and world class handling all wrapped up in one beautiful efficient package.

For it’s styling the overindulgence of inlets and spoilers personifies what a supercar is all about – being ridiculous and at the same time looking good doing it. The questions is, can you afford it?

The Zonda F, chances are you’ll never see one, only 25 were made, but if you do see one, you’ll fully recognize the level of design and engineering this exotic supercar brings. Visit this site and learn more about the Pagani Zonda F.
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