Sidewalk Surfing With An Emad Electric Skateboard
Jun 2014 14

Sometimes the waves aren’t breaking, and what better way to spend your down time by going ‘sidewalk surfing’ on and electric skateboard. Peacock your summer away on an Emad Electric Skateboard, with a top speed of 19 mph over paved surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, and parking lots this skateboard lets you surf the scenic route in style.

Emad Electric Skateboard

Peacock your summer ride

Accelerating from 0-19 MPH in just 3-1/2 seconds, a powerful 600-watt motor propels riders over smooth terrain while its flexible trucks and bushings allow wide 8′ turns on 4″ diameter solid urethane wheels. Weighing 40 lbs., the skateboard supports riders up to 330 lbs. on its 9″ wide, resin and maple veneer deck, textured with a non-skid surface that provides sure footing. Off-road model available too.

A handheld wireless trigger remote provides digital proportional control over your speed; pulling the trigger accelerates and moving it forward brakes. The rechargeable 36-volt battery can be removed and provides a range of 10 miles from a four-hour charge using the included adapter, so long range cruises are possible. Visit this site to get your own Emad Electric Skateboard.

Sidewalk Surfer in Perris, California

The Emad Team Demo