The Gyroscopic Golf Trainer, Better Than Chubbs?
Apr 2013 10

If you suffer from a terrible golf swing and need to make some serious improvements, consider the SKLZ Gyro Swing. This is a golf swing training club with a gyroscope built into the head that keeps the clubface on-plane, encouraging proper technique during your backswing, downswing, and release. Sounds suspicious at first look, but try and understand what exactly makes this training club so Peacock.

Chubbs VS. Gyro Training Club?

Chubbs VS. Gyro Training Club?

Most of you have no idea what a gyroscope is, but I’m going to drop some knowledge on you. Without getting too technical, the gyroscope is a device that allows the calculation of orientation and rotation, designers have incorporated them into modern technology. It’s a proven technology that is used in an assortment of devices including the iPhone, Sony Wii, airplanes, large ships, and even the Hubble Telescope.

This gyroscope trainer club encourages smooth takeaways and proper wrist alignment during backswings and helps you to drop your hands and club into the slot during downswings. It facilitates the hands reaching the impact point before the club head, squaring the club face with the ball, for smooth releases. Rick Smith, a leading swing coach for PGA Tour Major Champions, said “it’s the only product that lets golfers feel what it’s like to have a technically correct swing.”

Earning an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10 from is impressive. The conclusion is the Gyro Club is certainly a good supplemental tool to aid in training, but never to completely replace proper training by a professional. It is definitely a good value and recommended.

Specify Left or Right-handed club. Requires six rechargeable AAA batteries. Not to be used with a ball. Visit this site to get your SKLZ Gyro Swing.

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