The World’s Most Advanced Ski Goggles: Zeal Optics Z3
Jan 2014 16

Have you ever gone snowboarding or skiing and wanted to know how fast you were going down that green circle? How much air you got from that 2 foot kicker in the kiddie park? How many runs you did so you can justify getting to the lodge for a fresh brew?

Thank the lord, all of this information is available through your goggles! Recon Instruments and Zeal Optics are the pioneers of integrating technology in to eye-wear all while keeping their style legit.

The Z3 Goggles to other goggles are similar to what the iPod is to the Walkman. You’ll likely see a GPS in most goggles in the near future. The Z3 is way ahead of the game with Bluetooth that allows you to crank up the Pennywise or to accept that call from your boss while you’re supposed to be home sick (à la Ferris Bueller). This technology will help you play hooky from work and the gondola is now your office cube with a better view.

Some of the Key Features:

  • HUD – ‘Heads Up Display’ shows incoming calls, text messages, and can control music from your smartphone
  • GPS – “Dudes, how the F do we get back to the trail”
  • Altimeter – You can see how high you really are…
  • Lens – Anti-Fog, Polychromatic, and Polarized. They adjust to the sunlight for you- never have to change lenses again
  • Speedometer – You went 1 MPH while plowing the entire time
  • Jump analytics – Bragging rights
  • Social Media – Post how fast you went, the length of the gap you cleared, and the vertical drop as all data is stored

All of that is completely awesome especially if you are a tech guy, like me, who loves to shred. But, there are a few flaws as this is not quite perfected. They are a bit heavier than the normal pair of goggles and a bit bulkier. Not everything is perfect on the first go around, but this is an enormous advancement over anything else out there. If things were all perfect after their first release, we’d all be shredding mountains with a Snurfer. Visit this site to get your Zeal Goggles.

Start Peacocking your Z3’s today priced $400 to $500
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