This Just In From The Daily Bugle: Spiderman Does Exist. His Name Is Oleg Vorslav
Mar 2013 27

This Parkour or freerunning video will make your day. Staggering gap jumps (with no safety net), cat-like climbing skills, and masterful bar work that make Keanu Reeves in the Matrix seem tame. Oleg Vorslav Eastern Europe’s premier freerunner or parkour master is the man.

You may be asking what the hell is Parkour or free running? Well I’ll tell you. Originally developed in France, it’s a Peacock’d method of movement focused on moving, vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping, over anything – anywhere.

Oleg – Peacockin’ aerial

This impressive video dubbed ‘Out of Time‘ features the Latvian talent is almost 15 minutes long and also features some very up-tempo music that will have you tapping your foot and wanting to try these stunts yourself. There’s at least 150 instances in the video below where Oleg and his crew could have been seriously disfigured, but instead they complete their movements flawlessly.

A large amount of the video was filmed in Daugavpils, Latvia but the video also includes footage from a mix of locations including Portugal. It also features Oleg jumping over the infamous Man Power Gap (2:40) in Evry, France which is an extremely large drop in-between two rooftops. So next time you’re vacationing in France it’ll give you something to consider trying yourself – good luck!

OUT OF TIME from Андрей Скурьят DREE on Vimeo.

Learn more about Oleg and how Madonna discovered him here.

We had to include the killer playlist from the Out of Time video, download here: