VIP Your Next Vegas Vacation
Jun 2013 14

So you’re headed to Vegas for a little fun in the sun. Maybe you’re headed out for a bachelor or bachelorette party and you want to Peacock to new levels like never before. Word of advice, you know that ‘loose cannon’ in your group that is totally insane and says the most inappropriate shit all the time? Bring that person, this is the reason you keep this person around, to go absolutely nuts and set-it-off! If there’s ever a place where ANYTHING goes – it’s Vegas.

VIP Host Yvette

So now you’re asking, “Who do I bring?” The answer to that is here. You’re also asking “Where do I start?” Well I’ll tell you.

Start planning your trip the right way – go VIP Hosting. When you go with professional hosting there’s no need to worry about planning every little detail, you just sit back and relax while they take care of all reservations and arrangements for your perfect night out. Instead you can focus on more important details

Here’s what’s included depending on your package:

  • Luxury transportation with champagne
  • Guarantee no line wait to the most exclusive clubs
  • No cover charge
  • No table bumps
  • Hosted by a professional VIP model
  • Open bar (premium liquor)

The fact of the matter is, avoiding general population and going VIP definitely elevates your ability to have much more fun in the limited time frame you have. Waiting in line at a crowded bar is no way to spend your time and hard earned money. With a professional host your night is streamlined, access to drinks is increased 10 fold and fraternizing is enhanced. No more spilled drinks or strangers in your face anymore. When the sun goes down make sure you’re behind the velvet rope.

After your hosted night you may wake up with no recollection of the prior night, but at least you’ll have some pictures to refresh your memory. Vegas is all about the party, and doing it VIP style is Peacock – your ‘loose cannon’ will appreciate it.

Visit VIP Hottie Hosting for your next Vegas Trip. Yvette Brown runs VIP Hosting and she has won the Top 20 Women in Las Vegas Nightlife 2011 & 2012 for a reason – she knows the town like no other. They are the most consistent and professional VIP service in town. I’ve done it, now you can too.

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