Ice-Watch Watches: David Guetta Approved
Mar 2014 16

Are you bubbly, outgoing, and like to stand out in a crowd with fashion forward thinking? Sure you are! Satisfy your personal extrovert with an Ice-Watch timepiece, they provide the perfect platform to Peacock while out and about. Featuring vibrant and colorful watches they are the latest fashion accessory for 2014.

 Cathy Guetta Peacocks Ice-Watches

Cathy Guetta Peacocks Ice-Watches

They come in a range of vivid colors, such as green, red, orange, yellow and even pink amongst many other colors. Other styles and models have translucent straps and cases. Most Ice-Watch watches are unisex so be careful or else your girlfriend/boyfriend may never give it back. Rest assured they also make a handful of men’s and ladies wristwatches separately.

These timepieces are tough as well, featuring a durable mineral glass window and water-resistance up to 165 feet. So Peacocking in the adverse conditions is mandatory. Whether you’re on a late night ‘walkoff’ in the old Members Only Warehouse or surfing all afternoon in Costa Rica your Ice-Watch watch will hold up.

Visit this site to get your Ice-Watch Watch.

Start Peacocking today with Ice-Watch priced from $45 to $145

DJ David Guetta rockin’ an Ice-Watch watch in “Where Them Girls At”

Ice Watches Colors

Ice Watches

Late night ‘walkoff’