From Bleak To Chic With ‘Retro Modern’ Bar Stools
Dec 2013 16

One of the most important elements of designing your own bar is the actual bar stool. Selecting the right bar stool can often be overlooked, especially after spending all of your attention on the design and location of the bar itself. Many people hastily choose a bar stool without realizing that the right one will easily add a touch of flair. This will give even the most ordinary bar some character for an elegant ‘retro modern’ look – especially when combined with LED lighting.

If you’re looking for a compete selection of Modern Bar Stools, we’ve found some interesting choices that will surely Peacock your home barAnd if that’s not enough you can choose from different fabric, paint combinations and stool heights so the your choices are limitless.

Take a look at our favorites below, or visit this site to see more Modern Bar Stools.
Start Peacocking your Bar Stools today priced $100 to 400

Selecting the right height bar stool