The Most Influential Musician Of His Era…And His Suicide Note
Feb 2011 26

What categorizes someone as “influential”? I am going to run through this and see if this person meets your criteria:
1. Did they transform the style of a generation? Check
2. Did they change the attitude of a generation for better or worse? Check
3. Would you say that whatever came out of their mouth was cool whether you understood it or not? Check
4. Does their work still inspire you years after they have passed on? (Emphatic) Check!

Kurt Cobain was a cultural icon and he arguably had started the ‘grunge’ era in the 90’s. He transformed the ghastly style that overshadowed the 80’s, to the grungy “I don’t give a fuck” style of the early 90’s. He was the spokesman for a generation. All of you Generation X’ers out there can relate; Nirvana as our flagship band.

Is there anyone today that can influence millions of people as far as their attitude, music, and clothing? He had people listening to the music he liked as well as his own, he had young men growing there hair to their shoulders, people wearing black combat boots, flannel shirts, mangy t-shirts, and ripped up jeans. It was a style that showed society that being that it was more about the inside than the outside.

He was a leader, a poet, a drug addict, a lost soul, and a rock & roll god.

He created some of the best grunge songs and he left us too soon.

Kurt’s death, by many, is still up for debate. Was it suicide? What is this note all about? Some think it was a note to leave Courtney Love, others believe it was his way of saying good bye to the world. That is up for debate. One thing that is not up for debate – I am about to toss Incesticide on the jukebox!

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