Relive Your Childhood: Old School Gaming Systems
Mar 2012 13

It’s 3:00pm, you’re in grade school, and the bell just whistled sweet music to your juvenile ears. You wait for your bus number to be called, you suffer through the 1o minute ride home, and burst in to a full sprint like Carl Lewis to your TV room. 

Today, you have something even more amazing than GI Joe, Duck Tales, or Saved By The Bell. Today, you could care less about Kelly Kapowski in her sexy Bayside Tigers sweatshirt. Today, the greatest thing you have ever laid eyes (or hands) on is waiting for you to stick something inside of it. Today, you have found true love: Nintendo (NES).

Zack’s Woman

The adrenaline is pumping, you pop in a game, maybe blow in the bottom of it a few times, maybe stack a game on top in the console to get it to work to perfection. Take a sip of your Hi-C juice box (Ecto Cooler), a dunk of your Dunkaroos, a pinch of Big League Chew, and get the Power Glove on – it’s time for Mike Tyson’s Punchout!

If you were like me, you still remember the first time you played Super Mario Bro’s/Duck Hunt (free game that came with NES). You still remember jumping on the turtle to get 100 lives, and you still remember the code to Contra. Up,up, down, down, b, a, select and start. We had no internet to get cheat codes, yet all of us found a way. I digress.

Similar Andy and Woody’s relationship in Toy Story, we had a butt-load of fun together in our little wolfpack, but all good things come to an end. Sometimes and end can be seen as a new beginning. Thanks to the early gaming systems that I am throwing props to below, we still have incredible games to play no matter how old and lazy we are…ever play Call Of Duty? Forget about it!

Here is a timeline of my childhood:

Atari 2600 – My first system in the late 80’s. Nothing like a joystick. I missed that when Nintendo came out- so damn simple. Simple like a game of Pong or Space Invaders.
Top 5 games: Frogger, Pitfall, Asteroids, Pac-Man, and Missile Command.
Commodore 64 – The first computer ever to come in to my house and it looked like something from another planet. This was more difficult for me to use and figure out how to play games with this giant floppy disk. Short lifespan in my crib…literally.
Top 5 games: Pole Position, Spy Hunter, IK, Winter Games, and Ultima.
Nintendo NES – This is what I am talking about- fuck yea! Times have just gotten better and this was the biggest and best Christmas present in my life. Nintendo, let’s spend countless hours together for the next 2 years. From Duck Hunt to Megaman 2, from Powerpad to Power-glove, the original NES blazed the path for all the other systems.
Top 5 games: Double Dragon 3, Super Mario 3, Zelda, Blades Of Steel, and Final Fantasy. I also loved – TMNJ.
Sega Genesis – Hell of a way to ween me off on Nintendo. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first game I had played on this system. I remember playing hooky because the night before I almost beat the game. I dreamed about it, woke up, thought about it, and gagged myself in the bathroom so my mom would hear it- ‘Ferris Bueller’ style. The graphics and games on this 64 bit machine were just better than anything else prior.
Top 5 games: Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Mortal Kombat, Road Rash, Madden 94, NHL 93, and Spiderman too!

Obviously, there were a million other great games for each system; well, maybe not Commodore 64. You can still buy all of these games and systems to relive your childhood. Thanks for joining me on my trip back in time!