Logorama: You Will Never Think Of Ronald McDonald The Same Way Again
Apr 2011 18

Logorama is a film that was written and produced by French directors and I have no problem with the way they perceive the American society. This film can be interpreted in different ways, as I have read all over the web, but that is what can make a movie great – the viewers interpretation. Logorama is about a day in the life of Ad riddled LA with product placement bursting at the seams. Every logo is recognizable and some are alive (unless Ronald McDonald kills their ass).

I think it is a funny spin on ad placement in movies, and also how everything in a America is a corporate chain, which has killed the mom & pop shops of the states. Or maybe Ronald mother fucking McDonald killed them, literally. In Logorama, Pulp Fiction collides with Walt Disney to produce 16 minutes of pure animated entertainment. To end with a cheesy slogan, the only thing that came to mind during every second was “I’m loving it”.

Please enjoy this Oscar winning short film – Logorama. Take a break from reality, you need it: