Summa Summma Summmatime Sandals
May 2013 08

Tis the season! Some of us don’t live in San Diego so when we get the chance to wear flops, we take full advantage of it. Something about a man wearing flops that says “I am as cool as a cat and I don’t take things too seriously”. Flops, jeans, cool belt, tee, watch, and a pair of shades is my favorite outfit of the year.

Keep a diverse collection-classic tan ‘rasta’ flip flops are essential – and allow a few brighter colors to Peacock your outfit no matter how dull the top half is. They are cheap, they don’t last forever, stock up each season. PLEASE, no ‘mandals’!

Start Peacocking your Sandal Style today priced $25 to $40

311 – Amber