Our 8 Favorite Low Profile Chillaxin’ Shoes
Jul 2013 16

I consider these my Sunday shoes…though these are some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet their style is not sacrificed a smidgen. I wear these when I am going over a friend’s house to watch sports, or daytime drinking on a Sunday afternoon at Felix Bar in SoHo.

Some are more casual than others and you may wear them grocery shopping, to the mall, or when you need to pick up beer for lunch (or breakfast). Yes, a liquid lunch happens from time to time – don’t hate. Personally, I like anything that Sanuk has been rolling out over the past two years. They get more comfortable, more style, and more durability each time they release a new batch. They know what we are looking for and Jack Johnson rocks them as well. He’s a fan, we’re fans of him, it’s all coming together here.

Give your feet a break after night of dancing to MJ, slip on some casual comfort and surf the sidewalks in style.
Start Peacocking your Casual Shoes today priced $40 to $120

Jack Johnson rocks Sanuks