Fedoras: Do You Have What It Takes To Pull This Look Off?
Jun 2013 18

Fedoras always make me think of mobsters from the 50’s or my pop-pop coming home from work and tossing his fedora on the coat rack after a hard days night. You really have to be a certain type of person with a unique style to bring it all together. Some people can wear a fedora with anything and look snazzy. I am not one of them.

Bruno's Fedora Style

Bruno’s Fedora Style

Some guys rock a fedora with a suit…bad-ass. Some fellas, a t-shirt and jeans is all they need to rock & roll. Bruno Mars is a person to scope out when it comes to flaunting hats, especially fedoras.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that certain fedoras are seasonal based on your climate. For the unfortunate ones like me in the Northeast, you wont be wearing a light colored straw or linen fedora in the winter. For summer, when you meet me in Montauk like Circa Survive, please don’t roll up with a heavy black suede fedora!

Also, if you are feelin’ it – get one that matches your suit and do it like Don Draper. Think about showing up at a job interview or a wedding looking like this. That is what Peacocking is all about.

You will see some older guys that always wear a top hat with a suit…and I hate to say it, but that 80 year-old dude has more style than any of us! Be brave, be bold, be yourself. Don’t be afraid to test the limits. Peep these fedoras we dig below and rock one this week!
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Classic MJ Fedora Style