Best Dress Shirts To Peacock Your Year
May 2014 23

If you’re like me, you’re busy – you work hard, and you party harder. You might as well look your best doing it, especially in the dress shirts we have picked out for you. Chances are you don’t mind when people notice you and give a compliment about your shoes, your shirt, your belt, or even your socks. A little compliment goes a long way. Men's Fashion Peacock Style Keep your style fresh and always look for an edge – this is Peacocking 101. Style Tip No.1: As an alternative to wearing a dress shirt, add the vest to separate you from the rest. You can make it extra dressy with a black vest, or more casual with gray or lighter colors. Check me out on the right at an 85 degree outdoor wedding – casual, but dressy enough. It all starts with confidence. That comes from feeling good. Feeling good stems from looking good…and a lil’ help from Captain Morgan.

Style Tip No.2: For that added touch, have your shirt custom tailored, it’s money well spent on something that will clearly elevate your style to new levels.

Check out some of the dress shirts here that are perfect for a date night, night out for drinks, dudes night out, or a house party. They each have a little extra flavor to help you get noticed, feel noticed, and spark up the initial conversation when that blonde that works in fashion says how much she likes your gear. Okay, I have done my part…you have to handle the blonde now!

Start Peacocking your Dress Shirt today priced from $100 to $200