Boardshorts: The Eye Cannot Resist Nor Can The Surfer
May 2014 26

Thankfully, fellas, in 2014 we have more options for boardshorts than ever before. I don’t know about you, but I was sure as hell sick of wearing thick, uncomfortable boardshorts while doing my thing on the beach or my surfboard. 

If you are a surfer, the 4-way ‘stretch’ boardshorts are the way to go. These ‘stretch’ boardshorts increase your flexibility, have less skin contact which means no rash and no chafing. They’re also super-lightweight and dry twice as fast as traditional boardshort materials. Even better, 4 out of 5 women prefer Tony Assholeoff and he agrees that ‘stretch’ boardshorts are Peacock.

I felt like I was quicker immediately – probably in my head – but I’ll take any advantage when it comes to surfing massive waves like Laird Hamilton. You know, 2-3ft in NJ. I’m no Kelly Slater either, but I know his Quicksilver Cypher Boardshorts are the business. Also, don’t be scared to show a little leg…you’re not embarrassed of your knees are you?
Start Peacocking your Boardshorts today priced from $50 to $100

Field tested by Tony Assholeoff

Laird Hamilton Big Wave Surfer

Kelly Slater – 11 time World Champion