Want To Get Noticed? Try These Classic Ties
Dec 2013 16

We’ve seen many men’s styles come and go, but the classic (wider than 3 inches) necktie is here to stay. My tie collection is probably about 100 and I always seem to go for the same 10-15. So, I narrowed down my results to 9 ties here that will make your rotation consistently.

Men’s ties are hard to find when you go in to a store because of the large selection of junk spewed all over the place. Therefore, we’ve eliminated that clutter and plucked the best of the best with colorful ties to make your life easier. Elevate your fashion to new levels by learning to tie a Full Windsor Knot – perfect for Peacocking your persona.
Start Peacocking your Classic Tie today priced $20 to $200

How to tie a Full Windsor Knot