Sexy Swimwear Just For You
May 2014 24

You’ve worked hard to get into tip-top shape, now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and indulge yourself with my summer-essential-flirty selections for the beach. Enjoy a delicious Mimosa at the pool or bask in the sun while making a statement at the beach, these selections will surely Peacock your style on those hot summer days!

This year offers a variety of color palettes and patterns to keep your style up-to-date, featuring crochet monokinis, bandana bikinis, and laced bow bikinis for you to play in no matter what the event. I’ve picked these sexy swimwear styles so you’re in the know when you really want to impress. Enjoy the summer girls; before you know it, it’ll be gone!
Start Peacocking your Sexy Swimwear today priced $30 to $250