Advertising on Everything Peacock

Everything Peacock reaches a large, influential audience of men and women unseen by any other web-based magazine or blog that visit multiple times per day. Our readers are hip, young, educated, intelligent and internet savvy. They want to know where to get the best of the best, the elite of the elite, the coolest of the coolest. Like a Peacock they enjoy standing out in a crowd and they want to know what’s hot and cutting-edge. They expect the highest standards and we provide them for them. They’re creatively-minded, culturally aware, confident, stylishly sociable consumers. They know about style, music, fashion and travel, trends, events and entertainment for men and women allowing select marketers the opportunity to promote their product or service to a receptive group of powerful online purchasers. They have a voracious appetite for what’s new and what’s the next big thing is. These readers come from every corner of the globe and bring with them unique tastes and savvy specific requirements which are met with precision by the extraordinary team at Everything Peacock.

Current Stats

Over 1 million monthly unique readers

Over 5 million page views per month

Advertising Options
There are currently two ways to advertise on Everything Peacock. For larger companies, we over IAB standard sized units. For smaller companies, we offer a discounted spot.

Everything Peacock Sponsor Ads
Our most affordable ad spot, created for smaller companies and independent designers. It is sold in bundles of 1 million impressions.

300 x 100 (upper-right sidebar)

The spot sells for $2,000 per month. Your ad will be shown 1 million times over the course of 60 days. This translates into an extremely low CPM of $2. Please if you’re interested in securing an ad in this spot at

CPM IAB Graphic Ads
Everything Peacock also offers CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ad spots for larger companies and campaign buys. Ads are available in the following standard-sized ad units:

300 x 250 (right sidebar)

728 x 90 (directly above logo)

160 x 600 (right sidebar)