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Peacock Hangover Prevention Guide

In the spirit of the holiday season many people will be out celebrating and drinking more than they normally do. We’ve created the Peacock Hangover Prevention Guide to help YOU avoid getting a hangover so you can enjoy the holiday happy and healthy with no lingering effects from the night before. More>>

Bottled Water, What Are You REALLY Drinking?

Living a healthy lifestyle is always what we strive for, so monitoring what exactly goes into your body is definitely Peacock. Something as simple as water seems like a no-brainer. For instance, bottled water is convenient and refreshing, no doubt, but is it healthy? Here are some things you should know before you crack open another bottle…


Bar Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts Of Getting Served

We all want to party like rock stars and Peacock to new heights in exotic locales all over the globe, but sometimes we have to temper that behavior with some basic manners. Bar etiquette is the proper way one should act when enjoying themselves at a club or bar. Just as there is bar etiquette there are Do’s and Don’ts to getting served. We’ve all waited in line in a crowded bar and noticed the inconsiderate A-hole at the front holding things up by over complicating their order or maybe even awkwardly hitting on the bartender. More>>

Top 10 Saint Paddy’s Beer Cocktails Fer Ya!

Why drink Guinness like everyone else to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day? Peacock your stout by making it into a mixed drink or a ‘beertail’.

You will love these Guinness based beertails while out at the bars this year, below are my top ten for St. Paddy’s Day…

Top Five Drunken Irish Shots

It’s that time of year again – dancing leprechauns in the four leaf clover patch, rainbows leading to pots of gold and the fresh scent of Irish Spring is in the air. As we all know March 17th is St. Patty’s Day which marks the unofficial start of spring, celebrate it today – Peacock Style! More>>

Hangover Heaven, Your Vegas Hangover Cure

A lot of us love to drink, especially when we’re in Vegas celebrating VIP style. When Peacocking to extreme levels sometimes we let our inhibitions go and throw caution to the wind and drink way too much. One undeniable result to this is the inevitable ‘hangover.’ Your time is limited, and lying around half comatose is no way to enjoy a Vegas Vacation. Now there’s a solution… More>>

Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream

You should immediately plan on replacing your entire whipped-cream inventory with Grain Alcohol–Infused Whipped Cream called Whipped Lightning that was created by some wild and crazy guys. We’ve field tested it thoroughly and it definitely passed our rigorous weekend-long taste test completed at the Peacock SkyBar. Unfortunately, it’s also getting tons of ominous press for being potentially dangerous, so you might want to scoop some up before it’s too late. More>>

Date Night – Are You Prepared?

What’s a Peacock to do? You put some extra time in at the office and you’ve forgotten all about your sushi date with the twins! You need chilled wine ASAP! No time to panic, hit the mood lights, put on the “Date Movie,” turn on your Rapid Beverage Chiller and that bottle will be chilled in 6 minutes flat. What a versatile life-changing tool! More>>

Stolichnaya Hot Vodka

Two things I love – vodka and hot sauce. Vodka – I can drink with the best of them. Hot sauce – I’ve become completely addicted to putting hot sauce on just about anything I eat. Yes even popcorn (a.k.a. Buff Pop) and pasta sauce. If only there was a way to combine the two… More>>

‘Randall The Enamel Animal’ Makes Even Bud Light Taste Good

Is an “organoleptic hop transducer module” Peacock?

Fuck yeah it is.

I don’t speak brew nerd but I believe it roughly translates to “device that could possibly make Old Milwaukee palatable.” Intriguing, yes?

Hell yes. Let me explain…


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