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Pole Dance Fitness

The Exotic Dancer Pole – seems so simple yet it can be effective in so many ways. From 18 year-olds to 70-year olds, women are taking up this hobby (some say “art form”) for a multitude of reasons. Preachers’ wives, teachers, nurses, accountants, and lawyers are just some of the types that are now hooked. The primary benefit is fitness. Yes, you’ve seen them at strip clubs, buses, dorm rooms, basements and even on the back of trucks during tailgates – it’s time for you to consider one for yourself. More>>

Bottled Water, What Are You REALLY Drinking?

Living a healthy lifestyle is always what we strive for, so monitoring what exactly goes into your body is definitely Peacock. Something as simple as water seems like a no-brainer. For instance, bottled water is convenient and refreshing, no doubt, but is it healthy? Here are some things you should know before you crack open another bottle…


Peacock Fitness For Your Mind Body & Soul

Don’t let life get in the way of working out and staying fit. You may not be able to walk, run, bike, or hike outside during severe weather conditions, and just making it to the gym is half the battle sometimes; hectic schedules and many other obstacles keep you from looking great. Keep your mind and body in shape no matter what the season with these six essential methods that will have you looking fabulous when it’s time to come out of hibernation. More>>

Are You Tough Enough?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years you already know what a Tough Mudder is – just to be sure I’ll give you the 411. Tough Mudder is an endurance event in which teams seek to complete 10-12 mile long muddy obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces – this is not your father’s triathlon. These courses are intense and will test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie in more ways than one. More>>

The Suunto Ambit Watch

Do you ever think you have what it takes to be the next action sports star à la Shaun White?  Want to see your name up on the big screen? Want to travel the world and date someone famous and party like a rock star? Sure you do! One thing you’ll need on your way to the top is a way to monitor your progress and look good doing it. That includes a watch that can handle any situation; enter the Ambit Watch from Suunto. More>>

Kettlebells – The Best Workouts You Probably Aren’t Doing

Don’t be a hamster.

I’ve decided any activity that is so utterly unfulfilling that it requires the user to be mentally distracted from the activity itself is one that isn’t worth doing in the first place. If your goal is to stimulate a hormonal response to trigger fat loss and/or enhance your anerobic threshold, in terms of effectiveness, sitting on a stationary bike while watching TV is merely one small step above… well, just sitting and watching TV.


Keep It Simple: How to Stay Lean For Life

Summer is here, but how many people are truly happy with how they look in summer clothing or in a swim suit or board shorts on the beach? Most people have concern over body image. How did you feel when you got out of the shower this morning and were trying to find the perfect outfit to wear today? Did you feel that the clothes were too tight or the style doesn’t look right on you, etc..? How may people do you know including yourself that went on some kind of diet to get “bikini-ready” or “speedo ready” for summer? More>>

No Time? “Work That Body” At HOME Girls!

It’s that time of year-Spring is being forgotten and Summer is the top anticipation. You’ve packed away your winter clothes and whilst Spring cleaning you find that trying on your Summer Styles doesn’t make you wish for Summer to come as quickly as you had wanted… you need an extra month to get in shape. More>>

Get Paid To Look Great Naked

Want to look great naked and get paid to reach your fitness goal in the process? Sure you do. The most obvious steps are exercising and eating right. The hardest part about exercising is being consistent over the long haul – until now. I’m going to tell you about a new app that can get you into the gym on a regular basis so you see results (with your body and in your bank account) – it’s called GymPact. More>>

Return To Your Evolutionary Roots With The Merrell Trail Glove

For reasons that likely have more to do with greed then necessity, over the past few decades we have seen a revolution in running shoe design viewed by some as a DE-volution of our natural biomechanics. By capriciously injecting technology into a product that wasn’t necessarily calling for it, we’ve engendered a biomechianical adaptation that a growing number of scientists and runners believe have caused more problems than it has solved.

Like they say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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