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Pole Dance Fitness

The Exotic Dancer Pole – seems so simple yet it can be effective in so many ways. From 18 year-olds to 70-year olds, women are taking up this hobby (some say “art form”) for a multitude of reasons. Preachers’ wives, teachers, nurses, accountants, and lawyers are just some of the types that are now hooked. The primary benefit is fitness. Yes, you’ve seen them at strip clubs, buses, dorm rooms, basements and even on the back of trucks during tailgates – it’s time for you to consider one for yourself. More>>

Weather-Resistant Outdoor HDTV’s

Watching your favorite flick or sporting event on an HDTV is infinitely superior than our parents old school tube TV. Thanks to this modern technology we routinely enjoy it without even blinking an eye. More>>

From Bleak To Chic With ‘Retro Modern’ Bar Stools

One of the most important elements of designing your own bar is the actual bar stool. Selecting the right bar stool can often be overlooked, especially after spending all of your attention on the design and location of the bar itself. Many people hastily choose a bar stool without realizing that the right one will easily add a touch of flair. This will give even the most ordinary bar some character for an elegant ‘retro modern’ look – especially when combined with LED lighting. More>>

Chill Your Drinks Without Watering Them Down

You spend your hard earned money on delicious single-malt scotch only to add ice cubes from the freezer which water it down, changes the scent, and the flavor profile due to the chlorine/fluoride that is typically found in ‘tap’ water. This is not Peacock. More>>

iVodka Freezer Just For You

I like vodka, in fact I love it. The Martini, Long Island Iced Tea, Kamikaze, Lemon Drop, White Russian, Bubble Gum, Creeper, and Red Death are just a few drinks made with this delicious spirit – just stay away from the Bankers Club. More>>

Bubble Panels

If you’re looking for a way to elevate the atmosphere of any interior space, look no further than acquiring a Bubble Panel by BluWorld of Orlando, Florida. What’s a Bubble Panel you ask? I’ll tell you. More>>

Need Wine ASAP? Try An Electric Wine Opener

Rough day at work? Can’t get the bottle opened fast enough? Calm your nerves and get the Waring Pro Cordless Wine Opener; it can remove 80 corks in one sitting. I repeat: it can remove 80 corks in one sitting! If you are popping 80 bottles in one sitting, please email me and I will be on the next flight to anywhere! More>>

Your Must Have Summmer Drinking Game: Inflatable Beer Pong

An Inflatable Beer Pong Table is a must have, especially when Peacockin’ at the beach, pool or any other body of water. Beer Pong has always been the go-to drinking game, so why not elevate your fun and add some water into the equation. You like beer, you like water – this is an easy decision. More>>

Create Your Own “Miracle On Ice” With Super Chexx Bubble Hockey

Anyone that has ever played ‘Bubble Hockey’ knows exactly how addicting it is. I can remember being a kid spending hours upon hours playing these things. Now that very same game you played in the arcade is available to you, DO NOT accept a cheap imitation, the ICE Super Chexx Bubble Hockey table is the original. More>>

Mitchell Custom Pool Tables

You don’t have to be an immensely talented pool hustler like Vincent Lauria from the “Color of Money” to fully appreciate a well made creatively designed billiards table. Finding that perfect centerpiece for your Peacock’d pad is important when customizing your home decor, after all, your home represents your individual style. More>>

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