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Create Your Own “Miracle On Ice” With Super Chexx Bubble Hockey

Anyone that has ever played ‘Bubble Hockey’ knows exactly how addicting it is. I can remember being a kid spending hours upon hours playing these things. Now that very same game you played in the arcade is available to you, DO NOT accept a cheap imitation, the ICE Super Chexx Bubble Hockey table is the original. More>>

Mitchell Custom Pool Tables

You don’t have to be an immensely talented pool hustler like Vincent Lauria from the “Color of Money” to fully appreciate a well made creatively designed billiards table. Finding that perfect centerpiece for your Peacock’d pad is important when customizing your home decor, after all, your home represents your individual style. More>>

Mars Made Foosball Tables

The company Mars Made has some of the wildest design ideas for Foosball Tables, these are not your typical pop pop’s games. Not surprising they provide premier game room furniture that allows customers with exclusive modern tastes to fully express their style and personality – perfect for Peacocking. More>>

20 Essential Bar Tools You Can’t Live Without

Having a custom bar is one of the most effective ways to Peacock your pad that I can think of. Not many people have them, but the ones that do usually have the best parties. Many a party I’ve been to, or had myself where the bar is the focal point of the party. Along with the music, the bar represents the heart and soul of the party. More>>

Sofa Style For Your Nightclub And More

A modern sofa can be the ultimate in style, form and function. Sofas can be communal – a center piece that Peacocks your space with a style that is extreme as your own. You follow me – no? I’ll explain more… More>>

Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream

You should immediately plan on replacing your entire whipped-cream inventory with Grain Alcohol–Infused Whipped Cream called Whipped Lightning that was created by some wild and crazy guys. We’ve field tested it thoroughly and it definitely passed our rigorous weekend-long taste test completed at the Peacock SkyBar. Unfortunately, it’s also getting tons of ominous press for being potentially dangerous, so you might want to scoop some up before it’s too late. More>>

Date Night – Are You Prepared?

What’s a Peacock to do? You put some extra time in at the office and you’ve forgotten all about your sushi date with the twins! You need chilled wine ASAP! No time to panic, hit the mood lights, put on the “Date Movie,” turn on your Rapid Beverage Chiller and that bottle will be chilled in 6 minutes flat. What a versatile life-changing tool! More>>

Favorite Drink The Martini? We Can Help

The Martini, an American invention. One of the best-known mixed alcohol drinks in the world. Simple, yet elegant – Gin, Vermouth, garnished with a olive or lemon twist and traditionally served in the iconic martini glass. More>>

Eddie Vedder Circa 1991 – Caricature By Chris Snee

In 1991, I heard a song called Even Flow on MTV (remember when they played music?). I didn’t know what the fuck that sound was exactly – throaty and deep howling with lyrics that were contaminated with anger and resentment. It came from a dark place, a troubled place, but it was deeper than anything I’ve heard up to that point in my life – all 11 years of it. More>>

Foosball: Infinitely Better Than Banal Living Room Conversation

In an burgeoning era of dynamic and “value-added” coffee tables that attempt to bring more to the table (pun intended) than merely a surface to vicariously showcase your knowledge through fancy books you’ve never read, we here at EVP applaud the novel introduction of sport. Introducing the Teckell Intervallo Micro Foosball Table. Aesthetically, it’s balls to the wall beautiful and modestly sized to fit even the smallest bachelor pad.

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