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16 Million Color In A Lamp, The Perfect Décor Accent

There are many variables that go into designing the perfect interior space to fit your own personal style. Some things to consider are furniture, flooring, art, paint scheme, electronics, etc. The options are endless, and choosing wrong could potentially ruin any chemistry. More>>

Brett Favre & Albert Pujos Got Theirs, Now Get Yours

You don’t always have to have the most sophisticated electronic gadget for personal entertainment. Enter Dominoes – they are believed to have originated in China in the 12th century, so any game with a lifespan that long must be Peacock. More>>

The Most Unconventional Home Doors You’ve Ever Seen

Doors. Not what you would typically associate with being technologically advanced or cool for that matter. Normally doors are just a functional object, first on the home furniture requirement sheet and last to be noticed.

However doors don’t have to take up this background position, aside from technology doors can form the focal point of any interior design scheme. Futuristic and technologically advanced doors worthy of the ‘Peacock’ appellation push things to a totally different level. Whether you are just trying to show off or you are trying to keep out a zombie invasion there are crazy technological door innovations out there for you.

Make Your A/V Components Go AWOL With The AWALL

A little part of me feels like the flat-panel television was developed a decade or so early considering its requisite components – cable box, receiver, DVD player – are anything but.

We’re enamored with the sleek, space-saving design the flat-panel provides us however we’re still tethered by – and to – the fat form factor ancillary devices that inevitably spoil the aesthetic of our entertainment center.


The Peacock Modern Interior Décor Guide

If your home décor resembles something that was decorated in the 90′s then it may be time for an upgrade. This article covers some modern decor ideas to transform your bedroom, office, home theater, kitchen or entire house into a contemporary landscape that any Peacock would be proud of. More>>

Splash Cup Football: Perfect For Tailgates

Splash Cup Football is a new take on beer pong, this is a game that involves throwing or bouncing ping-pong balls into designated cups to advance down the field. Sound complicated? If so, maybe you should stick to plain ol’ beer pong, the rest of us will read on… More>>

The Digital Peephole

Updating an old idea – finally. The Digital Peephole eliminates the small, distorted images created by old fashioned peephole’s fish-eye style lenses by providing a large, full-color digital display for seeing visitors. Its lens provides a wide 96º field of view, and it uses a 1.3 megapixel CMOS, the same image sensor employed by digital cameras. More>>

The Floating Pool Speaker

The Floating Pool Speaker is perfect for any music junkie. Whether you’re looking to add sound poolside, near your hot tub, pond, or any other water feature these speakers excel in these conditions – perfect for Peacocking any type of music, from Skrillex to Van Halen. More>>

Zontik Premium Made Games

Board games will always be around, no matter what type of new gaming console is released. Nothing beats face to face interaction like true 3D. So, if you’re looking for premium board games then look no further than Zotnik; the internationally adored purveyor of luxury board games. Premium made games are for the Peacock that has everything. More>>

The Revolution SVR Ping-Pong Table, Forest Gump Approved

Ping-pong, or table tennis some call it, is a classic game I played as a kid that would entertain us for hours. It provided exercise while simultaneously testing your hand to eye coordination. Sure, modern home game systems are amazing, they have advanced graphics and they offer a variety of different games, but the fact is, there’s no replacing the real thing. Introducing the Revolution SVR, a premium state of the art ping-pong table. More>>

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