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Mars Made Foosball Tables

The company Mars Made has some of the wildest design ideas for Foosball Tables, these are not your typical pop pop’s games. Not surprising they provide premier game room furniture that allows customers with exclusive modern tastes to fully express their style and personality – perfect for Peacocking. More>>

20 Essential Bar Tools You Can’t Live Without

Having a custom bar is one of the most effective ways to Peacock your pad that I can think of. Not many people have them, but the ones that do usually have the best parties. Many a party I’ve been to, or had myself where the bar is the focal point of the party. Along with the music, the bar represents the heart and soul of the party. More>>

Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream

You should immediately plan on replacing your entire whipped-cream inventory with Grain Alcohol–Infused Whipped Cream called Whipped Lightning that was created by some wild and crazy guys. We’ve field tested it thoroughly and it definitely passed our rigorous weekend-long taste test completed at the Peacock SkyBar. Unfortunately, it’s also getting tons of ominous press for being potentially dangerous, so you might want to scoop some up before it’s too late. More>>

Date Night – Are You Prepared?

What’s a Peacock to do? You put some extra time in at the office and you’ve forgotten all about your sushi date with the twins! You need chilled wine ASAP! No time to panic, hit the mood lights, put on the “Date Movie,” turn on your Rapid Beverage Chiller and that bottle will be chilled in 6 minutes flat. What a versatile life-changing tool! More>>

Favorite Drink The Martini? We Can Help

The Martini, an American invention. One of the best-known mixed alcohol drinks in the world. Simple, yet elegant – Gin, Vermouth, garnished with a olive or lemon twist and traditionally served in the iconic martini glass. More>>

16 Million Color In A Lamp, The Perfect Décor Accent

There are many variables that go into designing the perfect interior space to fit your own personal style. Some things to consider are furniture, flooring, art, paint scheme, electronics, etc. The options are endless, and choosing wrong could potentially ruin any chemistry. More>>

Brett Favre & Albert Pujos Got Theirs, Now Get Yours

You don’t always have to have the most sophisticated electronic gadget for personal entertainment. Enter Dominoes – they are believed to have originated in China in the 12th century, so any game with a lifespan that long must be Peacock. More>>

Splash Cup Football: Perfect For Tailgates

Splash Cup Football is a new take on beer pong, this is a game that involves throwing or bouncing ping-pong balls into designated cups to advance down the field. Sound complicated? If so, maybe you should stick to plain ol’ beer pong, the rest of us will read on… More>>

Pro Poker Chips

You don’t have to be a professional gambler like Phil Ivey to see and feel the difference between a cheap toy poker chip and an authentic Archetype Poker Chip Set. This chip set is the exact same full-color design and single composite material construction chips that you will see in many Vegas casinos today. More>>

Mister Important – Seamless Elegant Designs

Interior design can be a daunting task, inspiration can come from many places….enter Mister Important Design. Founded in 2005 by Charles Doell, he has been dubbed “the design whiz-kid,” and for good reason. His designs have been implemented and accepted on a global scale. More>>

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