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Peacock Hangover Prevention Guide

In the spirit of the holiday season many people will be out celebrating and drinking more than they normally do. We’ve created the Peacock Hangover Prevention Guide to help YOU avoid getting a hangover so you can enjoy the holiday happy and healthy with no lingering effects from the night before. More>>

Saving Your Life One Day At A Time: The Automower

Life is short, roughly 28,000 days total. Don’t continue wasting it away on monotonous tasks while the rest of your friends are out Peacocking all over the place. One of these tasks that come to mind is lawn care, sure once the novelty wears off you realize you would much rather be lying on the beach with an HB9 in some exotic locale sippin’ on tropical drinks. More>>

Bar Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts Of Getting Served

We all want to party like rock stars and Peacock to new heights in exotic locales all over the globe, but sometimes we have to temper that behavior with some basic manners. Bar etiquette is the proper way one should act when enjoying themselves at a club or bar. Just as there is bar etiquette there are Do’s and Don’ts to getting served. We’ve all waited in line in a crowded bar and noticed the inconsiderate A-hole at the front holding things up by over complicating their order or maybe even awkwardly hitting on the bartender. More>>

The Gumball 3000 Global Sensation

The Gumball 3000 is the world’s most extreme motor rally event which takes place on public roads all over the globe. It’s all about the superstars with supercars, pass the screening process and you too can join them for a trip you’ll never forget. Actors, musicians, extreme sport athletes, fashion designers can go anywhere they choose and they all recognize the prestigious Gumball as the ultimate four wheel adventure – definitely a Peacock worthy phenomenon. More>>

A Few Minutes Of Planning For A Lifetime Of Peacocking

Let’s face it most of us live very busy lives and struggle to fit everything into our 24/7 allotted timeframe. The more we can streamline life’s boring and mundane tasks, the more time we have for the new and fresh adventures that peak our interests. Everything Peacock wants our “flock” out living-the-life, not wasting it. More>>

The Yacht Week – Croatia Style

Who doesn’t like boats, parties, endless cocktails, fun in the sun, miles of crystal clear water, and champagne showers while Peacockin’ out of your mind? The Yacht Week – Croatia South Route is located in the stunning Adriatic Sea and is the original and possibly the most dynamic fun filled travel event that you need to experience before you die – the clock is now ticking… More>>

Peacock Playbook For Valentine’s Day

So you’re that dude. The dude that waited less than a week before Valentine’s Day to actually realize that you have to plan something for your lady. Lucky you – you have me!


Everything A Taxi Is Not – Uber

You work hard and you play hard so starting the night off with a positive vibe is always Peacock. The last thing you want to deal with is an ornery cab driver that only speaks broken English and smells as though he hasn’t showered in a week. Introducing Uber, a luxury car service that picks you up and drops you off just like an ordinary cab but different in every other way. “How so?” You say. I’ll explain. More>>

Peacock Playbook For New Year’s Eve

It’s the holiday season and time for everyone to enjoy friends, family, some time off, and a few parties as 2013 winds down. The last and most notorious party of the year is obviously New Year’s Eve. More>>

Hangover Heaven, Your Vegas Hangover Cure

A lot of us love to drink, especially when we’re in Vegas celebrating VIP style. When Peacocking to extreme levels sometimes we let our inhibitions go and throw caution to the wind and drink way too much. One undeniable result to this is the inevitable ‘hangover.’ Your time is limited, and lying around half comatose is no way to enjoy a Vegas Vacation. Now there’s a solution… More>>

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