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Personal Portable Speaker

The year is 1985, your name is Jeff Spicoli, and lugging around your gigantic double cassette boom box is your only option to allow everyone to enjoy your latest playlist. Times have changed and that portable device is now your smart phone which can be connected to a personal portable speaker. Perfect for Peacocking by the pool or beach. More>>

Portable Solar Charger Travel Companion

Batteries are great, until they need to be recharged. Sometimes when traveling there’s no way for you to just ‘plug-in,’ which is why a portable charger is a perfect Peacock solution. One of the more convenient ways to charge your battery while out and about is with a Solar Powered Charger. These work especially well in outdoor environments when a car adapter is not an option. More>>

Sidewalk Surfing With An Emad Electric Skateboard

Sometimes the waves aren’t breaking, and what better way to spend your down time by going ‘sidewalk surfing’ on and electric skateboard. Peacock your summer away on an Emad Electric Skateboard, with a top speed of 19 mph over paved surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, and parking lots this skateboard lets you surf the scenic route in style. More>>

GoPro – The Go Anywhere Camera

When you’re out living the Peacock lifestyle there are plenty of memorable moments. Chances are, you can’t recall everything so why not record and relive them with a GoPro camera. These portable cameras are durable, compact, and produce high resolution video/images for just about any environment. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen these amazing cameras in action – snow, surfing, moto, skydiving, mud runs, hiking and anything else you can dream of. More>>

Saving Your Life One Day At A Time: The Automower

Life is short, roughly 28,000 days total. Don’t continue wasting it away on monotonous tasks while the rest of your friends are out Peacocking all over the place. One of these tasks that come to mind is lawn care, sure once the novelty wears off you realize you would much rather be lying on the beach with an HB9 in some exotic locale sippin’ on tropical drinks. More>>

No More Cracked Screens

Let’s face it, spending a few hundred dollars on a new iPhone or any other mobile device only to immediately have the screen cracked or scratched is never a great feeling. You have a choice, you can either stay away from the Jägermeister on the weekends or just get yourself a Zagg invisibleShield – I choose Zagg. More>>

Weather-Resistant Outdoor HDTV’s

Watching your favorite flick or sporting event on an HDTV is infinitely superior than our parents old school tube TV. Thanks to this modern technology we routinely enjoy it without even blinking an eye. More>>

Peel And Stick Style

In a world of smartphones, tablets, and laptops all of them pretty much look identical; boring and dull – this is not Peacock. You spend time working hard to enhance your lifestyle, so why not infuse some personality into your favorite electronic gadget. High-quality skins (a.k.a. graphics) for your electronic device can definitely elevate your style. More>>

Make It A Bright Sunshiny Day Everyday

People have an innate connection and attraction to the natural world, it’s the reason we go camping or spend the entire day at the beach. It’s obvious people weren’t meant to be cooped up indoors all day. We may not be able to enjoy the outdoors as frequently as we would like, but because of modern technology, the outdoors can now come to you. Introducing Sky Factory Ceilings and eScape Windows, they bring the outdoors into your personal space…featuring authentic sounds of nature and high-definition motion – this is the ultimate Peacock for any pad. More>>

HEAT things up with a Wall Mounted Fireplace

The temps are dropping and what are you going to do? Add more layers? Wear the gloves Granny knitted you in elementary school? Break out the Snuggie your X bought you? Instead, simply add a Wall Mounted Fireplace, it’s an effective way to keep warm this winter and still elevate your living your space. More>>

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