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Boardshorts: The Eye Cannot Resist Nor Can The Surfer

Thankfully, fellas, in 2014 we have more options for boardshorts than ever before. I don’t know about you, but I was sure as hell sick of wearing thick, uncomfortable boardshorts while doing my thing on the beach or my surfboard.  More>>

Marc Ecko Watches

Marc Ecko is an MC, designer, and author – definitely a trend setter and not a follower. After briefly embarking on a traditional career Marc knew that his path would be different than most. So in 1993, at the tender age of 20 he founded Ecko Unlimited. More>>

Ultra Modern Watches By Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a French designer, was born in Paris and is one of the prolific designers in the world. He experiments with unusual, interesting, innovative and futuristic designs to transform them into a Peacocky statement. More>>

Best Dress Shirts To Peacock Your Year

If you’re like me, you’re busy – you work hard, and you party harder. You might as well look your best doing it, especially in the dress shirts we have picked out for you. Chances are you don’t mind when people notice you and give a compliment about your shoes, your shirt, your belt, or even your socks. A little compliment goes a long way. More>>

Summer Of Style – 9 Great T-Shirts

It’s summer and we all know a good T-Shirt is our favorite piece of clothing. We hang on to some tees for years – even with the yellow pit stains and holes. That is true love defined. We scoured the globe to find some amazing tees made out of the softest materials with gnarly summer style to boot. I especially love any tee that has to do with John Lennon. More>>

1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne

Guys, we already know the nightlife scene is a very competitive high-octane environment and going out the door smelling like Irish Spring or Drakkar Noir is not Peacock. You need a signature scent for night-time use that enhances your game….welcome to the next level of couture fashion with the wildly successful 1 Million Cologne from famed Spanish fashion designer Paco Rabanne – the perfect weapon. More>>

Go Bold With Room 101 Jewelry

Room 101 Jewelry is not for everyone…it is known for unbelievably bold, chunky and detailed Rock n’ Roll jewelry made from sterling silver, 22 karat gold, platinum, black & blue diamonds, and black rhodium. It’s the brainchild of ex-Marine and jewelry designer extraordinaire Matt Booth which stems from his trips to the Far East. More>>

9 Blazers That Leave Trails

Sometimes going out to a nightclub or restaurant calls for a jacket to get you past Andre The Giant working the door. And sometimes, we just aren’t in the mood to wear a jacket. However, these are not your “pop-pop’s” blazer with shoulder pads, tweed and only in navy blue with big gold buttons. You aren’t going to the country club or sailing are you? Hell no. More>>

Peacock Your TEAM, Not The Player: MLB Vintage Wear

The beginning of April brings a few pranks, some Showers that lead to May flowers, and one of the best days of the year…Opening Day of Baseball. There is nothing quite like the start of baseball season, when fans of all teams start with a hope and aspiration that their team can bring them a World Series trophy come Fall. Unless of course you’re a Mets fan, in which case your season is just a constant reminder that you made a horrible decision each time you check the Major League baseball standings. More>>

Ice-Watch Watches: David Guetta Approved

Are you bubbly, outgoing, and like to stand out in a crowd with fashion forward thinking? Sure you are! Satisfy your personal extrovert with an Ice-Watch timepiece, they provide the perfect platform to Peacock while out and about. Featuring vibrant and colorful watches they are the latest fashion accessory for 2014. More>>

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