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1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne

Guys, we already know the nightlife scene is a very competitive high-octane environment and going out the door smelling like Irish Spring or Drakkar Noir is not Peacock. You need a signature scent for night-time use that enhances your game….welcome to the next level of couture fashion with the wildly successful 1 Million Cologne from famed Spanish fashion designer Paco Rabanne – the perfect weapon. More>>

Go Bold With Room 101 Jewelry

Room 101 Jewelry is not for everyone…it is known for unbelievably bold, chunky and detailed Rock n’ Roll jewelry made from sterling silver, 22 karat gold, platinum, black & blue diamonds, and black rhodium. It’s the brainchild of ex-Marine and jewelry designer extraordinaire Matt Booth which stems from his trips to the Far East. More>>

Peel And Stick Style

In a world of smartphones, tablets, and laptops all of them pretty much look identical; boring and dull – this is not Peacock. You spend time working hard to enhance your lifestyle, so why not infuse some personality into your favorite electronic gadget. High-quality skins (a.k.a. graphics) for your electronic device can definitely elevate your style. More>>

The Best Touchscreen Gloves

Embrace the frigid temps and Peacock your frozen digits with Touchscreen Gloves – functionality meets style. It’s easy to keep Jack Frost off your frozen fingers with the right tools for the job; your gloves are the one item that stops your fingers from using your smartphone, so help them out with the right equipment. Always go with a snug fit to ensure proper performance. More>>

2014 Winter Hat Collection: Stay Warm…Remain Cool

It’s winter time in the city. It’s 12 degrees with howling wind. You’re walking to the office with a heavy coat and gloves on, but your bare dome is fighting the elements like Mike Tyson fights the English language. Why would you treat the most important part of human anatomy with no respect? More>>

Bleu De Chanel Cologne

A staple for any Peacocks cologne collection should be Bleu De Chanel. I have yet to come across anyone that doesn’t love this versatile scent from the Chanel brand. Add a bottle to your rotation and let this modern scent enhance your style to new levels. More>>

9 Peacockin’ Shades To Glorify The Eye

I absolutely love wearing sunglasses with any outfit, anytime of the year; they are not only for the beach anymore people! Tasteful designer eyewear should be a part of your outfit and likely the most stylish part of it, with sharp colors, chic lines, and unique geometry. They will not only help your eyes now, but also Peacock you into the future. 2 for 1= winning! More>>

Fedoras: Do You Have What It Takes To Pull This Look Off?

Fedoras always make me think of mobsters from the 50’s or my pop-pop coming home from work and tossing his fedora on the coat rack after a hard days night. You really have to be a certain type of person with a unique style to bring it all together. Some people can wear a fedora with anything and look snazzy. I am not one of them. More>>

Men’s Modern Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts

Sure a lot of guys think wearing any jewelry at all can be excessive because it takes them outside of their comfort zone. Men and women each have their own set of rules when it comes to jewelry, for better or worse it sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made, and our status in society. More>>

Men’s Belts: Not Just For Whipping Kids Anymore

Accenting a dull outfit with a dashing belt is Peacocking….and Peacocking is wearing a dashing belt…you understand? I get disinterested if I have too much grey or black on, but those are the colors, or lack thereof, that are part of my getup. That’s all good, just make sure you have a belt that shouts louder than a def guy looking for his hearing aid.  More>>

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