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Want To Get Noticed? Try These Classic Ties

We’ve seen many men’s styles come and go, but the classic (wider than 3 inches) necktie is here to stay. My tie collection is probably about 100 and I always seem to go for the same 10-15. So, I narrowed down my results to 9 ties here that will make your rotation consistently. More>>

This Is Your Father’s Skinny Tie

Once again, we are looking to the past to make us look better in the present. I have always loved the style of the 50’s & 60’s and The Beatles, through their entire career together, epitomized hip for each generation. Skinny ties were all part of it. Once you procure the skinny tie, you will have to learn how to rock it. More>>

BOWTIES! Adjectives: Timeless, Sexy, Fearless. Verbs: Rush, Acquire, Immediately.

Style is cyclical. We are always looking to the past to garner ideas for the present. 10 years ago, if I were to tell you that you would be wearing a bow tie and you will potentially wear the same gear that Orville Redenbacher used to sport – you would slap me upside my dome. Slap accepted. More>>