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Cap. That. Toe. The Modern Dress Shoe Reinvented

As I guy, I sometimes don’t love to get dressed up. Especially when I don’t have the right dress shoes to go with what I am wearing. What I am in love with now is Cap Toe Shoes. More>>

Our 8 Favorite Low Profile Chillaxin’ Shoes

I consider these my Sunday shoes…though these are some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet their style is not sacrificed a smidgen. I wear these when I am going over a friend’s house to watch sports, or daytime drinking on a Sunday afternoon at Felix Bar in SoHo. More>>

Boat Shoes, Not Just For Old People

I used to make fun of people wearing boat shoes now I wear them religiously. You can rock these shoes for a casual party, date, job interview (well, maybe in Cali), or even a funeral…yep, been there and done that (no I wasn’t funeral crashing with Chaz Reinhold). More>>

Don’t You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Elvis proudly Peacock’d his blue suede shoes and even sang a catchy tune about them that still holds up today. Suede shoes are a perfect blend of casual meets dressy. They are inherently cooler and more comfortable in the warmer temperatures than leather shoes, which conversely are better suited for the winter months. More>>

Summa Summma Summmatime Sandals

Tis the season! Some of us don’t live in San Diego so when we get the chance to wear flops, we take full advantage of it. Something about a man wearing flops that says “I am as cool as a cat and I don’t take things too seriously”. Flops, jeans, cool belt, tee, watch, and a pair of shades is my favorite outfit of the year. More>>

Return To Your Evolutionary Roots With The Merrell Trail Glove

For reasons that likely have more to do with greed then necessity, over the past few decades we have seen a revolution in running shoe design viewed by some as a DE-volution of our natural biomechanics. By capriciously injecting technology into a product that wasn’t necessarily calling for it, we’ve engendered a biomechianical adaptation that a growing number of scientists and runners believe have caused more problems than it has solved.

Like they say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


TOMS Shoes: With Each Pair Bought, They Give A Pair Away

With every pair that is purchased, TOMS Shoes gives a pair away to someone that is in need. That is unheard of this day in age and we will be supporting more and more companies like this as we continue to grow. We want to make the world a better place, TOMS is doing that one pair of shoes at a time. They have given over a MILLION pairs of shoes away! More>>

Go Back To The Future In Style: The Nike Mag Is Here 4 Years Early!

Nike Mag’s from ‘Back To The Future,’ will be auctioned off on E-Bay until the 18th of September. They will manufacture 150 pairs per day until they reach 1,500. If you understand basic arithmetic, that is only a 10 day auction. I have been so overwhelmed with the hype of these shoes for months and would love to own a pair.  More>>