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The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide

Peacocking your way to the top of the career ladder is no easy task. You’ve worked diligently and positioned yourself for success in the modern board room, this is your chance to step it up to the next level in your career. Introducing the The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide; for many of us our style seldom stretches as far as our workplace and a lot of us are guilty of wearing bland clothing to our jobs – this is not acceptable. More>>

Time To Live The Tailored Life

Greed is good.” Gordon Gekko once said this. So you’ve got big aspirations yourself, maybe to become a high-rolling, greedy corporate raider too? In order to do this you’ll have to align with some pretty seedy characters and engage into some shady business deals along the way. Yes there will be fast cars and fast women, but you’ll also need to dress the part. So how will you do this is the question? More>>

5 Items That Should Never See The Summer Sun. Period

Some things in life are unwritten laws or rules unspoken. In baseball you don’t walk in front of a catcher or umpire when getting to the batter’s box. You likely wont hear about something like this until a guy like A-Rod does it, which he did, and now you remember the rule – don’t you?  Well, why does it always take someone to break the rules before they are brought to light as a NO-NO?  It doesn’t have to go that far. More>>

2013 Grammy’s: Celeb Style Winners & Losers

While the world’s top designers are busy debuting all the latest trends at New York Fashion Week, another event took place last night that had some of the planet’s most famous celebrities showing off their fashion credentials. More>>

Peacock At YOUR Grammy Event

The Grammy Awards took place early last week and Everything Peacock tuned in as usual to see which stars were Peacocking and who just faded away into the red carpet. Here is a quick little recap so you can keep in mind some Peacock concepts the next time your “Grammy Night” (big wedding, corporate dinner, stylish charity function) comes around. More>>