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Best Dress Shirts To Peacock Your Year

If you’re like me, you’re busy – you work hard, and you party harder. You might as well look your best doing it, especially in the dress shirts we have picked out for you. Chances are you don’t mind when people notice you and give a compliment about your shoes, your shirt, your belt, or even your socks. A little compliment goes a long way. More>>

Big Event? Robert Graham Has You Covered

When I think of putting together a classy Peacock ensemble to wear out to any NYC or LA event there are plenty of brands to choose from (Bogosse, English Laundry, G-Star, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and so on), but one of the stand out designer brands in my mind is Robert Graham. More>>

Bogosse: Reinventing The Iconic Dress Shirt With Incomparable Style

I have to be honest with you, rockin’ a Bogosse (bo-goss-e) dress shirt is not for everyone. Translated from French it means “handsome guy,” so you need to be on your game. The style is bold yet in some ways there’s a subtle sophistication that becomes more apparent upon closer inspection of the details. These shirts are the ultimate combination of handwoven Italian fabrics that feature strong collars, leather cuffs, bold prints completed with a slim European fit – no doubt these garments are Peacock. More>>

Take Over The World And Look Good Doing It

We all want success; some of us even want world domination. How will you reach this goal? Who knows? Plot to take over the world? Your guess is as good as mine. But while you are devising your get rich world domination scheme (we all have one…or ten), you can get your essential super villain billionaire wardrobe. Just like all James Bonds evil nemeses you’ll need a lair, exotic pet, shark tank, female bodyguard and last but not least a wardrobe from Billionaire Italian Couture. More>>