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9 Peacockin’ Shades To Glorify The Eye

I absolutely love wearing sunglasses with any outfit, anytime of the year; they are not only for the beach anymore people! Tasteful designer eyewear should be a part of your outfit and likely the most stylish part of it, with sharp colors, chic lines, and unique geometry. They will not only help your eyes now, but also Peacock you into the future. 2 for 1= winning! More>>

Electric Shades

Electric Sunglasses – California style that’s made in Italy. Their style is defined by their deep roots in extreme action sports, music, fashion, and art which is represented by the iconic ‘volt’ logo. Founded in 2000 by Kip Arnette and Bruce Beach this brand has exploded onto the scene winning numerous product awards, it’s no surprise they’re truly worthy to be considered Peacock. More>>