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Boardshorts: The Eye Cannot Resist Nor Can The Surfer

Thankfully, fellas, in 2014 we have more options for boardshorts than ever before. I don’t know about you, but I was sure as hell sick of wearing thick, uncomfortable boardshorts while doing my thing on the beach or my surfboard.  More>>

Summer Of Style – 9 Great T-Shirts

It’s summer and we all know a good T-Shirt is our favorite piece of clothing. We hang on to some tees for years – even with the yellow pit stains and holes. That is true love defined. We scoured the globe to find some amazing tees made out of the softest materials with gnarly summer style to boot. I especially love any tee that has to do with John Lennon. More>>

What To Wear After A Day At The Beach? We Got You Covered…Literally.

Whether your thing is sippin’ cocktails on the beach, surfing a barrel, playing a little ‘Top Gun’ style volleyball (you wish you could be Slider), wake-boarding in the bay, or digging sand castles (dude, really?), it is inevitable that your day outside is going to end. More>>

Our 8 Favorite Low Profile Chillaxin’ Shoes

I consider these my Sunday shoes…though these are some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet their style is not sacrificed a smidgen. I wear these when I am going over a friend’s house to watch sports, or daytime drinking on a Sunday afternoon at Felix Bar in SoHo. More>>

Summa Summma Summmatime Sandals

Tis the season! Some of us don’t live in San Diego so when we get the chance to wear flops, we take full advantage of it. Something about a man wearing flops that says “I am as cool as a cat and I don’t take things too seriously”. Flops, jeans, cool belt, tee, watch, and a pair of shades is my favorite outfit of the year. More>>