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Vespa: Timeless Urban Navigation

The Vespa Scooter, launched in Italy in 1946 the scooter line has been featured in countless films throughout history. The iconic scooter is as much part of Italian culture as the world renowned Coliseum… More>>

The Gumball 3000 Global Sensation

The Gumball 3000 is the world’s most extreme motor rally event which takes place on public roads all over the globe. It’s all about the superstars with supercars, pass the screening process and you too can join them for a trip you’ll never forget. Actors, musicians, extreme sport athletes, fashion designers can go anywhere they choose and they all recognize the prestigious Gumball as the ultimate four wheel adventure – definitely a Peacock worthy phenomenon. More>>

Bo Zolland: Car Designer Extraordinaire

Swedish born Bo Zolland is a freelance automobile designer and the heart of his company ‘Viztech.’ In this laboratory he and his team of boffins have created some of the most elegant and eye-catching custom rides that will transcend your imagination. His automobile creations are a combination of the past blended with contemporary in a style that seems 20 years ahead of his counterparts, yet these vehicles remain true to their original form.  More>>

No More Speeding Tickets From Police Laser Guns

As car enthusiasts we’re all guilty of driving above the speed limit on a frequent basis, at some point most of us have been pulled over by the police. It’s the worst feeling in the world to have Sheriff Buford T. Justice behind you. Speeding tickets are not Peacock; they’re not cheap or helpful when it comes to keeping your insurance rates down either. You have some choices; you can either pull over or try and outrun the po-po à la Smokey and the Bandit style, or get yourself a Blinder Laser Jammer. More>>

This Is Not Your Fathers Ferrari: The 458 Italia

Ferrari is perhaps the most widely recognized and respected exotic car manufacturer the world throughout for its engineering and rich design history. The name alone ‘Ferrari’ is synonymous with Peacocking. The Ferrari 458 Italia is no exception, it may be one of the best looking Ferrari’s built to date, and that’s only part of the equation when it comes to producing a classic supercar. More>>

Exotic Adventures In Vegas

Who hasn’t imagined getting behind the wheel of an exotic sports car? Exotics Racing School located just 20 minutes off the Vegas Strip gives you the chance to race around the prestigious Las Vegas Motor Speedway full tilt ‘Peacock‘ style. If you haven’t driven one yet this is the perfect opportunity to test your limits. I admit, going to a racing school is not on my usual list of attractions when I think of Vegas, if there’s no pool, nightclub, gambling, or strip club, then what the hell am I doing here? I’ll explain… More>>

Car Repair Peacock Style

Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are driving accidents happen and your car gets damaged. You have a choice to either leave the damage, repair it yourself, or get it repaired by a qualified professional. You’re busy, but the fact is having a beat up rundown car is NOT Peacock, we would all rather be ‘poppin’ bottles and partying with an HB9, but there are times when its necessary to have your ride repaired the right way – pronto. More>>

The ‘Posh’ Range Rover Evoque

Gucci, Chanel, Armani; all are synonymous with class and luxury. The Land Rover brand is no exception. Especially when you see the new Range Rover Evoque, despite what they say it primarily caters to women, which is fine especially if you’re a girl looking to Peacock to a whole new level. In fact, Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. Posh Spice) was the fastidious design consultant behind this new luxury SUV. More>>

Born To Be Wild? One Thing You Need

If you’re thinking of joining an outlaw biker gang (who hasn’t) finding the ultimate chopper is a must-have besides having a body riddled with tattoos, an anti-hygiene policy, no issue with routinely “breaking the law,” and becoming a one percenter.  Will you be accepted into the gang? I have no idea. I can tell you what chopper you need to get, the rest is up to you. More>>

James Bonds New Ride: The Water Car?

You’ve seen all the James Bond films where he always seems to have all the latest tech gadgets and rides while at the time are based on fantasy. The reality is some of this stuff comes to life. Introducing the Water Car; a car that drives just as efficiently on water as it does your nearest highway. More>>

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